Saturday, June 13, 2009

He is back!!! :)

Well I thought you'd all be happy to know that Josh is back in town! YAY!!! He came home on Sunday. The kids were absolutely thrilled. We decided to make it a surprise for the kids, so we got up and went to church on Sunday. After church we came home and ate lunch, and were watching a movie together, the door bell rang and Austin got up and said mom I think Crystal is here. He ran to the door, and much to his surprise it was his daddy. He hugged him and quickly backed up and said "wait are you just here to visit?" We are so glad that he is home, it makes such a difference. Autumn won't leave him alone. She has been at his side every moment this past week. We went to Flagstaff on Monday, Josh was dying for Oregeno's, so we decided to take the kids to the movies. Autumn usually hates going to Flag, but she wasn't about to be away from her daddy. So now that Josh is back, we started co-ed softball again. We play on Mondays, and Wednesdays. We really enjoy it. Of course Josh thinks every year that we need to buy a new bat, regardless if we need it or not. But see Josh isn't working right now so I hold the upper hand. Or at least I like to believe that I do. HA HA! Well just thought I'd give a quick update. I'll post some pictures in the next week. I finally have my camera back. YAY

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Time!

Well Summer started this week! Yay! I am so excited for Austin. The school year seemed to take forever. I have been working like crazy, four days strait last week. Needless to stay, it was a long week. Austin did great in the third grade! All A's and B's. Good job Austin, your moving to the fourth grade. You earned it baby! Autumn is ready to start kingergarten. She is going to love it. I am going to be so sad though. What am I going to do without my baby girl. Well I am hoping Josh will be home in the next few weeks, we can hope right! Its been nine weeks! Yikes! I would of never thought we could make it this long without him. Its Hard! Well I just wanted to make a little post about our busy lives! Hope everyone is enjoying there summers!

Friday, May 15, 2009

We're back! :(

Well we are home from Denber (that's what Autumn calls it). We woke up at 3:00 a.m on Saturday morning, in order to be on the road by four. Needless to say we didn't leave till 4:30, which should of been fine. Our plane didn't leave til 10:17,and we were suppose to check in two hours early. The only problem was our plane was scheduled to leave at 10:17 New Mexico time! I didn't realize that til bout 6:00 Anyways to make a long story short we made it! Not much time to spare but we did indeed make it! Good thing everything else ran smooth! We had an awesome time! We took the kids to Dave and Busters, which was fun and the food was yummy, always a plus. Then we took them to Amazing Jakes, it was ten dollar Tuesday, so they could eat buffet all day, play games, and ride the rides unlimited. Big bonus was there was noone else there. So the kids had run of the place. It was nice. Let me tell you CO knows how to make malls, we went to about ten malls. Austin wanted a new pair of shoes and he is growing up. So we clashed, he has his very own style now, and I didn't agree. But we finally agreed on some stuff and he is adorable! Well Josh has to post some pictures cause he kept the camera. So lets see if he does it. Well no good news on the Railroad picking up yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We're surviving!

Well it has been two weeks and two days and counting since we have been without Josh! It has been a real struggle but we are doing okay! I miss him dearly! Last night Autumn cut her little thumb on a dog food can, she instantly cried " I need my daddy here, he knows how to fix these things." Nurse or not, I am still not her daddy! We are Colorado bound next week! The kids and I are so stinking excited. Still not certain if we are flying or driving, but May 9th is Austin's birthday and we are leaving for CO! We gave Austin the opportunity to have a big birthday bash, or go see his daddy, and of course he picked his dad! Yay! Well I will keep you posted about our exciting adventure! Thanks again to all my friends for the love and support they have shown us while Josh has been gone! A huge thanks to Pher for mowing my lawn. You Rock!!!! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Josh is Colorado bound

Well my hubby has been in Longmont CO for a week today! :( As most of you know the railroad is very slow, so it doesn't matter that Josh has been with the railroad for six plus years. He like alot of others had to hit the road. My kids are struggeling, but managing. Austin is a daddy's boy, and for the first three nights cried himself to sleep. Hopefully we are past that part. As for the job itself Josh really enjoys it. Also, we lucked out and a good friend of Josh's from high school lived there, so he isn't to lonely. Kyle has kids so I think Josh enjoy's having them around to distract him. As for me, it was a eye opener! I think I took him for granted! Everytime I work and Josh had a wonderful meal prepared, the house in order, Austin's homework done, the animals fed, and I can go on and on. Now with him gone its ALL up to me. Needless to say, the kids are ready for dad to come home! Mom is a bit on the grumpy side! On the bright side I have wonderful friends who keep me busy, and my little mind occupied! So Thank You! I will keep ya posted on the return, hopefully sooner than later. :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Austin's first pinewood derby!

So Josh and Austin did their first pinewood derby. It was very exciting for both of them. After three weeks of them making the car I was so ready for them to be done! But Austin enjoyed it so much, well come to think of it, I think Josh might have enjoyed it a little bit more. So this was the boy's before the race! Yes Josh does have his game face on! Pinewood derby is serious business!
Austin was very proud of his car named Big Baby, he painted it baby blue with baby pink flames. Austin picked those colors on his own, not an ounce of help from me.
As you can tell Austin is winning. YAY! I was very proud of them! Austin was excited but if you know Austin he hated all the attention on him, he doesn't like to be in the spotlight. Also, he couldn't quite understand why if you were in the losers bracket you got to race more, he thought he should be racing more, after all he was winning. :) BOYS! 
This was Austin after he took 2ND place! Not bad for the newest member of cub scouts. Right? He did a great job! He barely lost the championship race, I think it was much harder for dad to loose than Austin. Poor Josh! :( 

This is Austin with the First Place Winner! Good Job Boys! Josh and Austin are already scheming their new plans for next year! Can you believe it. Boys and their toys! Congratulations Austin! Mommy is so proud of you! 

Meet Ali

So Josh was very offended that I didn't include his baby on our meet puppies blog. So here she is meet Ali! This is her a few days after she had her second liter of puppies, let me remind you that this was not a planned pregnancy! But she had four beautiful pups all of which have went to there new homes and are doing wonderful! YAY!